Durkan has recently worked with Poplar HARCA to help them realise their promise to deliver a flagship urban renewal scheme at Coventry Cross Estate in Poplar, London E3.

Residents remained in occupation throughout the process and to ensure their interests remained at the top of the agenda, Durkan established a strong Resident Liaison Team on site. Our Resident Liaison Officers were involved from the outset helping residents to understand what was happening at every step of the way - educating end users is a cricial factor in the success of retrofit.

At Coventry Cross we approached the works seeking value for money by researching suitable materials and appraising them in terms of cost versus performance over their full life cycle.

Initially, the internal communal and external works to the 157 occupied homes of New Mill House, Brimsdown House, Stanborough House and Stanstead House included the renewal and upgrade of services; renewal and modification of entrance area and provision of canopies; brick and concrete repairs; roof, window and balcony balustrade renewal; and environmental improvements to soft and hard landscaped areas. Subsequently, Durkan reviewed the project in collaboration with Consultants, Baily Garner, and confirmed that a different approach could introduce retrofit principles and add further value without increasing costs.

The Architects brief was extended to analyse the proposed works and how energy reduction measures could be improved. After robust measured surveys, recorded energy usage, thermal imaging and air tightness testing the resultant enhancement included:

  • Upgraded insulation products
  • Additional insulated areas
  • Detailing for cold-bridging
  • Alternative glazing systems
  • Energy workshops for Residents
Poplar HARCA
Contract Value
Baily Garner
Type Of Contract
JCT D&B 2005 (including Revision 1, 2007)
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