Think Green

Sustainability forms the foundations of the way in which we work at Durkan.

It underpins the business decisions we make on a daily basis and by integrating sustainability into our everyday actions, we have been able to drive forward our performance year on year.

5 Steps of Sustainability

To consolidate sustainability at Durkan, we take 5 steps towards Think Green;

  1. Carbon reduction and management
  2. Waste avoidance and management
  3. Recognition of our people and our impact upon those outside of Durkan
  4. Resource efficiency
  5. Water management

These 5 steps form the focus of our strategy moving forward and have already provided the platform to help achieve our targets to date.

Durkan Limited has over 45 years of experience delivering sustainable projects within the housing, education, healthcare and community sectors. Our open and engaging approach with all stakeholders enables us to produce quality, innovative and sustainable buildings that exceed our client’s expectations.

Ethos of Sustainability

Forming the foundations of all the work we undertake is the ethos of sustainability;

  • Constructing energy efficient buildings
  • Maximising resource and materials efficiency
  • Mitigate the impacts of the activities we undertake upon the environment
  • Engaging with the local stakeholders to fit our work around their community
  • Investigating and utilising new and innovative green products and technologies
  • Working with preferred contractors to raise their environmental performance
  • Ensuring that we use local labour and suppliers where practical on our projects
  • Leaving a positive footprint upon the environments we work in
  • Identify active contributions we can make to the local communities of the areas in which we work.

To further emphasise the Durkan commitment to exceed our client’s expectations, we operate under ISO accredited management systems. Our accreditation to ISO 14401, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 help maintain the processes that have seen us deliver sustainable, safe and quality buildings on a consistent basis for our long term clients.

Durkan view sustainability as a cycle of continual improvement, where our expertise and knowledge provide the link from one goal to the next. We aim to earn the confidence of clients, stakeholders and society, to be good neighbours and to provide a valuable contribution to sustainable development.

Think Green