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Building Futures at Durkan

Giving people opportunities to take their first steps in construction and learn a trade is something that’s really important to us. We take pride in our employees and the apprenticeship opportunities that we are able to offer.

Our very own Michael has recently completed his building and surveying apprenticeship and was able to learn from different members of the team to develop both his practical and academic knowledge of construction. Well done, Michael!

Michael said “I’ve just completed my apprenticeship in building and surveying with Durkan and am really excited to say I got a merit.

I never really knew much about construction until I picked up a summer job with Durkan. I really enjoyed the variety of work and quickly realised that construction isn’t just about bricks and mortar, it’s about shaping the buildings where we live, work and socialise and an opportunity to have a genuine impact on day-to-day life.

The industry has got so much to offer both as a career path and in terms of personal growth. Working for a business like Durkan that has a solid commitment to doing things well and to the highest possible quality is a real privilege. I’m grateful to the business and to our Executive Chairman, Danny Durkan for giving me the opportunity.

It’s the people here that make the difference. Studying and working at the same time isn’t easy but I had so much support from the people around me – Gary Barton (Technical Director), Phil Wilkins (Pre-Construction Manager) and Bill Beyzade (Managing Director of New Homes) offered a friendly sounding board and advice throughout. They were always there to answer questions, even if it meant staying late! Ultimately, being able to combine work and study makes total sense – the academic side complements the practical and vice versa.

I’m intrigued where this journey will take me next. Above all, I just want to keep progressing and enjoying the work we do. There are so many exciting projects around the corner for the Durkan business and I’ll be really proud to play a part in them.”

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