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Giving old homes a new lease of life at The Hides, Harlow

The Durkan team has received glowing feedback on the completion of its £1.4 million project to refurbish 30 flats at The Hides development in Harlow.

The extensive programme of refurbishment has been undertaken on behalf of Harlow Council and was completed with residents in situ.

Works included a new roof for the building, replacing windows and front doors, and new external wall insulation and render system. This will deliver critical benefits to residents as Kingsley Ogalanya, site manager for Durkan explains:

“The combination of new doors and windows, alongside the new external wall insulation and render system will make a significant difference to the insulation, air tightness and energy efficiency of the properties. At a time when so many people are struggling with energy bills, this sort of work is critical”.

In addition, Durkan has delivered a series of wider improvements including upgrades to communal lighting, boundary fencing, and safety railings, the installation of a secure door entry system and the restoration of pram and storage sheds on site. The team has also been busy replanting the embankments on the underpass in a bid to reduce litter and help the environment.

Speaking to local paper, Your Harlow, in March 2022, Councillor Simon Carter, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “The contractors, Durkan, have done an excellent job in particular with the detail work around the external cladding and worked well with residents during this disruptive period.

“This smart looking building has revitalised a tired-looking part of the estate and will improve the quality of life for our residents.”

Site manager, Kingsley, supported by Resident Liaison Officer Tracy Ballinger, worked closely with residents throughout to keep them informed, and minimise noise and disruption.

Resident Tracy Salzen said: “Kingsley has been great. If I had any concerns or questions he would always be available to talk about it. If he didn’t have an answer he would find out and come back to us. All Durkan staff were professional and polite.”

She added, “We have lived here for three years now. When we moved in, I was embarrassed to say I live at the Hides, and my family was worried because the flats looked so rundown.  Now I am proud to be living in the Hides – the flats look amazing, they look so different and bright”.

The project is one of a number of refurbishment projects completed by Durkan’s specialist team. Jim Briggs, Refurbishment and Special Projects Directorsaid: “I’m delighted to hear the complimentary feedback for our work at The Hides. We have an expert refurbishment team that is experienced in working in occupied properties. Their care and consideration for residents, and for the quality of their work is a real asset to the Durkan Group.”

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