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New Build Warranty Explained

When buying your new build home, a new build warranty is there to give you peace of mind. It’s rare for it to happen, but if there are issues with your home’s structure or other applicable issues, you’ll be covered for any work that needs to take place. However, there are a few important things to know about your warranty and how it compares to other forms of insurance, so keep on reading and we’ll bring you up to date. 


What is a new build warranty?


A new build warranty is an insurance policy that covers any specific structural issues or defects in the building, ensuring that homeowners won’t have to pay the price to get them fixed. Unlike home insurance, this isn’t something you need to take out yourself – it should be taken out by the builder/developer. Although we have total confidence in our excellent teams, it’s nice to know that should anything within the policy arise, it should be fixed as fast as possible with no cost to the owner.


 Durkan Homes’ new build warranty


While Durkan Homes strives to make everything perfect for our homeowners from day one, we’re always here to help with any issues that need addressing. Our Customer Care operatives are on site to help you fix your problems promptly. However, for any more complex issues, homeowners can rely on their new build warranty.

How long does the new build warranty last?


Overall, Durkan offers a ten-year warranty that covers off two major points – a two-year fixtures-and-fittings warranty and a ten-year structural warranty.

What does the new build warranty include?


For the first two years, we’re happy to make non-structural fixtures and fittings repairs to a home to fix any issues that might have occurred during construction. This covers areas like kitchen appliances, any plumbing or electrical issues and defective fixtures and fittings. 

For ten years, the new build warranty covers any major structural issues. Though very unlikely to occur, a homeowner will be covered for any problems that arise to key structural areas, such as the foundation, roof, ceilings, stairs, floors, windows and external doors. 

What does the new build warranty not include?


The warranty does not cover any fixtures and fittings defects that occur after the two-year warranty period, any minor structural issues that are not the result of poor building work, any bad weather damage, general wear and tear, and any issues caused by poor maintenance from the homeowner.

How do I claim?


If you need to make a claim on your warranty, start by getting in touch with our Durkan Homes Customer Service team by calling on 0208 619 9900 or emailing myhome@durkan.co.uk. From here, they can walk you through the process to get any elements fixed as soon as possible.


What are the benefits of a new build warranty?


Besides homeowner peace of mind, there are plenty of benefits to having a new build warranty on your home, including: 

Financial protection: The warranty helps to safeguard you against any costly defects if they should arise.  

Saleability: If you decide to sell your home within the warranty period, the remaining warranty can be transferred to the new owner, giving them added peace of mind and a little extra positive to your home’s sale.  

Mortgages: Like buildings insurance, it’s possible that a new build warranty is a required condition before lending to you. 


Do I still need to take out buildings insurance?


While new build warranty is a type of buildings insurance, for freehold homes, you must still take out buildings insurance for a couple of key reasons. Firstly, it’s common when applying for your mortgage that building insurance may be a condition of lending and must be in place by completion. Secondly, it covers the areas that a new build warranty will not, such as storm or fire damage, theft and vandalism. We also highly recommend contents insurance to cover your personal belongings. 

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