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Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

At Durkan we define sustainability as managing the environmental, social, and economic impacts of, and risks facing, our business in a responsible way. 

We are committed to doing our part in reducing carbon emissions, utilising technology to build sustainable homes and enhance the natural environment wherever we operate. 

We continue to raise awareness and educate ourselves to ensure we are in the best place to deliver our goals and contribute to global targets. It is imperative we keep current with legislation and guidance such as the New London Plan, UK Government Energy White Paper and the Future Building Standards and we will work closely with our supply chain to build strong, collaborative relationships to deliver sustainable targets. We recognise the importance of sustainable procurement as a means of combining our ethical values and beliefs with our company procurement practices. Together we can seek local labour and materials, utilise sustainable technology and educate each other by sharing intelligence and innovation. 

Through design and our supply chain we can minimise waste and promote a cycle of continuous improvement through our ISO14001 accredited Environmental Management Plan. Every site utilises SmartWaste delivered by the BRE, which allows us to manage compliance with the Duty of Care waste regulations, collate and manage data, and set, monitor, and review targets. This is used across our supply chain and enables Durkan to make informed decisions on our environmental waste plans.

Through our developments, we seek to create not just houses, but homes and communities. We want to make a significant, long-term contribution to the environmental, social, and economic fabric of those communities that we have helped to build.

Kevin O'Connor, Head of Social Responsibility and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Being a sustainable housebuilder is about much more than responsible procurement and strong social credentials, so we go to exceptional lengths to embed sustainability in everything we do.

Our mission to bring positive improvements to people, places and the environment is guided by the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

Investing in communities

We want all our projects to have a lasting positive impact on the communities around them. To achieve this, we work in partnership with our clients and voluntary sector groups to create meaningful opportunities with long term or permanent employment prospects.

From skilled graduates unable to break into the job market to people with complex needs, we provide structured, supportive placements and training programmes that help them overcome barriers and develop the confidence and skills they need to secure permanent jobs with us or our supply chain. 

As part of our passion for creating sustainable communities, we also bring people together and give back to the local area.

By partnering with social enterprises, creating apprenticeships, jobs and training opportunities and organising community initiatives, we are changing lives. We also fund away days for children, support gardening projects, facilitate sports development and create opportunities for residents and groups.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At our development in Bengeo, Hertford we found an innovative solution for the safe removal of a well-known glasshouse on the site, offering it free of charge to any company that could find a use for it, providing it would be safely dismantled and relocated. A Kent based vegetable wholesaler offered £2,000 for a charity of our choice in return for the glasshouse, which they carefully dismantled and transported to its new home. Meanwhile, we donated the money to the local scout group, to fund improvements to the scout hut. The site will deliver 52 one, two, three, four and five bedroom family homes with 40% affordable housing.

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