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Amelia Street, London

SE17 3PY

A contract with Family Mosaic who are now part of Peabody, brought complex & logistical challenges. The development in Amelia Street, required the demolition of the existing structures prior to commencing construction of the new, part 3, 4, 5 & 7 storey building comprising 55 new mixed use apartments, retail space, associated parking and a replacement substation.

With surrounding and adjacent buildings being of historical value and Grade 2 listed; along with a busy four lane carriageway which comprised 2 bus lanes, the care and attention to detail in logistical planning of site traffic movements was paramount to ensure the carriageways were not adversely disrupted and the immediate surrounding area remained safe for the public.

Key to the successful delivery of this new development was proactive approach taken by the Durkan construction team to provide continual communication and information pertaining to the works, to all stakeholders which included the local community. Durkan invested in the promotion of employment within the construction industry by inviting 20 students from the local college, offering trainee positions on the development from which many graduated to apprentices, still whilst working on the development. A significant achievement by one of these trainees was Tony Fairfield, who progressed through his apprenticeship going on to study further for his Diploma Level 2 in bricklaying.

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