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Work starts on new homes with a sense of history in the heart of Southwark

Construction work starts this week at two sites, with development and construction company Durkan set to create 89 new homes in Southwark, London as part of an exciting new regeneration project.

In Partnership with Southwark Council, Durkan will be working across two sites in SE17 at the heart of Zone 2, Manor Place and the former workshops at Braganza Street.

The new development will include 33 Affordable homes and three Intermediate homes – which will be offered for sale or rent below market levels. Construction will take place over two years, with the first homes due to be completed and handed to Southwark Council during the first part of 2023.

The developments have been carefully designed to ensure they retain a sense of the area’s rich heritage and will be mindful of their local context – with original features including Victorian facades being recorded and faithfully replicated as part of the new work. The Manor Place homes will enjoy views over Pasley Park and future residents of both sites will live just minutes from Kennington Station.

Importantly, the developments demonstrate how homes delivered as part of local regeneration projects can seamlessly build on existing communities. In addition to new affordable homes, the project will be adding a new health centre, pharmacy, café and employment space to an area of Southwark which already benefits from a strong sense of community pride and an existing reputation as being a great place to live.

Durkan’s Development Director, Andrew Atkins, explained: “The best new homes projects always involve a genuine sense that they’ve been led by the communities that already exist around them. In the case of Manor Place and Braganza Street, it’s evident that these areas are being regenerated by Southwark Council in a way that’s been driven by the needs and best interests of the thriving community that’s already there. Our role is now to deliver on that promise by bringing forward our 50 years’ experience of building quality homes and creating safe, sustainable communities for London.”

Councillor Stephanie Cryan, Cabinet Member for Council Homes and Homelessness from Southwark Council, added: “We already know that Southwark is a rewarding place to live with a fantastic sense of community pride and history. That’s why we’re so pleased to see Durkan starting work on these new affordable homes. It’s also why we’ve committed to one of the most ambitious council-house building programmes in London, aiming to start on site or deliver 2,500 new council homes across the borough by May 2022. This partnership with Durkan provides genuine regenerative value to our to our communities and provides high-quality new affordable homes that we know people will want to live in.”

Durkan will ensure Southwark’s new homes are embedded with high levels of safety measures – including best practice in terms of fire safety. Durkan is also committed to a series of initiatives that will help secure skills and training opportunities, creating pathways back into employment for local people. Support for the local economy will be a priority, with Durkan committed to using local suppliers and providing opportunities for local SME sub-contractors.

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