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9 Interior Design Ideas for 2024

The world of interior design is very personable, whether you’re following trends to the letter or simply picking a few of your favourites. From full room makeovers and redesigning from the ground up, to working within a budget and focusing on the finer details, there are no hard-set rules for expressing yourself. 

As for what’s circulating the market in 2024? Between a few evergreen trends and a few that might surprise you, it’s time to dream big (or small) and feel inspired with our interior design ideas. 


Buying vintage furniture is a simple way to add character to your home, whether large centre pieces or small accents. There are few things more satisfying than finding the perfect place for your lucky find; one that blends old and new in a way that celebrates both design and history. If it’s less about things and more about feelings for you, there are plenty of vibrant periods to pull inspiration from – like the excitingly Art Deco 1920s, classically homey 1950s, or the perfectly eclectic 1970s.

At our Granary & Chapel new builds in Hertford, we’ve woven the area’s former industrial heritage into the very fabric of our homes, featuring black ironmongery throughout and huge, beautiful windows that flood the area with light.

Bedroom in Granary & Chapel new build


If you’re looking to add depth to your living space, sculptures can be a simple way to bring interest and personality to the room. Whether central pieces or wall art, from colour to composition, your choice of sculpture should draw focus without fighting other art pieces or upsetting the balance. If you’re not sure about how to work it into your home, don’t forget that sculptural lighting fixtures can also provide a point of interest in a subtler way.

Take a look at our Hatfield East show home. As well as playing around with the colour of the space, the characterful addition of a chipboard-backed neon sign livens up what could otherwise be a very plain wall.

Durkan new build

Quiet luxury

Having grown in the last year, the likes of ‘quiet luxury’ isn’t quite done trending yet. This isn’t about showing off; it’s about showing up for higher quality materials, subtle sophistication and taking pride in your environment. With this particular trend, less is more, and you don’t have to break the bank to invite that feeling in. It can be as simple as investing in a couple of high-quality pieces, such as handmade furniture with expert craftsmanship or textiles, such as bed sheets and rugs, made of natural, sustainable materials. 

One of the main elements of our homes that bring a sense of quiet luxury to the plate is the amount of natural light we’ve designed for, especially the large windows used across Manor & Braganza new homes in Kennington, and Granary & Chapel.

Large windows in Hertford new build

Warm colours

There are few better ways to combat the grey, dreary days of winter and spring than choosing warmer hues throughout your home. Everything from rich wood flooring to warm-toned neutrals for your walls, your choice of colour can make or break how inviting and cosy your space feels. 

It’s why we went with warmer-toned paint for our walls combined with deep wooden furniture and oak-style flooring at our Manor & Braganza show home. Plus, with a slightly cool-toned kitchen, it feels inviting, balanced and bright.

Lounge in Kennington new build


From headboards and sofas to kitchen cabinets, curves are here to stay for 2024. An easy way to add interest to your space and smooth out harsh lines, these organic, more natural shapes offer endless opportunities for your personal style. It’s a shape that invites interaction and intimacy, whatever form it’s used with. 

In the living room/kitchen/diner of our Manor & Braganza show home, we really celebrate curves throughout, bringing a sense of fluidity and timeless sophistication to what could have felt like a sterile area.

Kennington new build living area

Unique storage solutions

Who says your storage solutions have to be boring? All sizes of homes can benefit from clever storage to avoid unsightly clutter, and by doing so you can really tap into your creativity and play with the available space. From under-the-stairs storage and hidden spaces in your furniture, to wall-mounted organisers and open shelving, dreaming up your ideal solutions is half the fun. 

We’ve tried something a little bit different at Hatfield East, turning an unused bedroom corner into a dressing room-style open wardrobe. This keeps the room more open and airy with the added bonus of seeing your favourite outfits in proper light (and with fewer creases). 

Dressing area in Hatfield new home

Sustainable and innovative materials

In a world where being more planet-friendly is the driving force behind many exciting interior design ideas, innovative materials and sustainable options will oftentimes surprise you in the best of ways. It can be as simple as using reclaimed woods, recycled or upcycled furniture and textiles, or choosing a more eco-friendly brand to align yourself with. 

The stunning colour we use on the walls in Hatfield East is from B Corp certified paint brand COAT – a business that proves looking great doesn’t have to cost the earth. 

Artwork in Hatfield new home

Smart home technology

While some people prefer to unplug, a bountiful array of helpful gadgets ensure tech will always have a place at home. In its own way, smart home technology connects to sustainability, providing an easy platform to control the goings-on inside your home, from temperature sensors and energy efficient appliances to adjustable lighting. 

We’re in an age where technology is no longer an afterthought for our day-to-day lives. Integrating it into your home’s design means it can function exactly the way you want it. 

Smart home technology

Biophilic design

Much like light and colour, bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside with biophilic design is a sure-fire way to capture the beauty of the natural world. Whether you prefer to care for your collection of house plants, take inspiration from warm woods, stone, and other natural materials, or pick the perfect colour palette to use on your space, it doesn’t take much to foster a more positive, enjoyable environment. 

If you’re not particularly green-thumbed, don’t worry. Biophilic design is about more than amassing a small jungle in your living room. It can also be as simple as choosing organic shapes for your furniture, embracing greens and earth tones, varying a rich array of textures, and letting in lots of light to keep things bright. 

House plants in kitchen

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